Fiesta Car Rental   Travel   Tips

Our main priority is you safety.

Therefore you agree to the following:


  • We suggest carrying sun block with you. Hat and glasses are also recommended.
  • Drinking plenty of water will keep you from dehydrating.
  • Never take a nap under the sun, it can be a bad idea and could lead to severe sunburn.
  • When you drive to archeological sites, we suggest you take insect repellent and sunscreen biodegradable.
  • In some archeological sites sometimes require a special permit to take videos or take pictures, ask about this restrictions with the people in charge at the place.
  • Speed limits: for your own security follow speed limits of each city and the regulation of traffic
  • Gas: there are gas station along all major highways. However always make sure you have enough gas to get where you are going. We suggest make sure wath kind of gasoline the vehicle needs. In Mexico we don´t have self-service gas stations, they are all full service and we recommend you double check before paying.
  • Trafic Signs, all along Riviera Maya, Cancun and Cozumel you will find international traffic signs easy to recognize, even though they are in Spanish. The most recognizable is the red stop sign which says ALTO, meaning STOP. We also have one with yellows bumps on it, means speed bumps. You should lower your speed because some of them can be pretty treacherous and you could have an accident. Mexico is full of speed bumps everywhere. Be alert.
  • During summer time we recommend you open the car and let the heat out at least two minutes before getting inside, this way you will avoid extreme heat.