Fiesta Car Rental   Rules for   Drivers

Our main priority is you safety.

Therefore you agree to the following:


  • Have a valid driver´s license
  • Don´t let unauthorized people to drive the car. In case they do, they will be held responsible in case of an accident or lose
  • The use of safety belts is mandatory and the maximum occupancy cannot be exceeded. There should be enough safety belts for everyone in the car
  • Drive the car according to Mexican regulations. We can give them to you either written or verbally. You should drive according to traffic regulations
  • I agree to assume responsibility of any parking tickets or any violation that the car is involved in, while it is in my responsibility
  • Don´t drive the car under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any medication that can change my state of alertness
  • Do not carry forbidden items such as drugs in the car
  • When I turn off the car to lock it and remove the keys
  • Don´t drive over the speed limit
  • Never answer my cell phone while driving, unless I use hands free set
  • Take the car on unpaved roads unless it´s an emergency
  • Before I drive, to make sure that the car is working righ
  • Let the company know about any accidents or tickets received right away